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    NEW: Michigan: We Run on Brainpower

    Michigan is home to more automotive-related technology centers than any other region on Earth. The state aims to keep it that way by attracting and retaining top-notch engineers, scientists and technicians. The activity...

  • Infor-invest thumb
    NEW: Investing in What’s Important

    Auto suppliers have always been challenged with materials planning, scheduling issues, supply chain management and decisions about when and if to invest in new capacity. These challenges deepen as the...

  • Infor Trifecta-thumb
    Manufacturing’s Trifecta

    Manufacturers in the automotive industry are hungry for growth. Despite a debilitating recession and sluggish recovery period, many manufacturing leaders are ready to take bigger risks in hopes of a...

  • cap mgt Vwpt thumb
    Meeting the Auto Industry’s Capacity Management Crisis

    The auto industry operated for a century with extra supply capacity to cover the ups and downs of market swings. But that ended during the global economic downturn. Now the...

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  • EGR for 15L-thumb
    Advanced EGR Cooler for 15-Liter Engine

    Diesel exhaust gas recirculation systems reduce the formation of harmful oxides of nitrogen by lowering the temperature in the engine combustion chamber. EGR is especially critical for big diesel engines because...

  • on-off fan drive-cue
    On-Off Fan Drives

    Commercial vehicles can improve their fuel economy and available power by automatically switching their engine cooling fan on and off as needed. This video reveals the technology that allows BorgWarner’s,...

  • Visctronic fan-thumb
    Adjustable Fan Drive

    Large SUV and heavy-duty pickup vehicle engines need a fan to keep them cool, but only in certain conditions. This video displays the precise electronic control BorgWarner’s Visctronic Fan Drive exhibits...

  • EGR for passenger cars-cue
    Exhaust Gas Recirculation

    Recirculating exhaust gas and combining it with an air and fuel mixture reduces the combustion temperatures that produce harmful nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. This video animation shows how BorgWarner Emission...

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